Why Shouldn’t We Drink Tea Empty Stomach

Tea- an integral part of the day for most of us. ‘Bedtime tea’, is a culture for us. But heading towards a freshly brewed coffee the first thing in the morning on an empty has more repercussions than we ever knew. Among the myriad of effects, we have listed out the 5 top reasons why we shouldn’t drink tea empty stomach. Scroll down to know the side effects of morning tea.

  • Stronger tea=weaker you.

Part 1. 5 reasons to avoid tea as the first intake in the morning

    1.1 Dehydrates the body

Tea removes water from our bodies.  When we wake up, our body I already dehydrated after the long hours of sleep. To top that, if we drink tea, it causes excessive dehydration and may cause muscle cramps.



   1.2 Bloating

Tea contains milk, and milk contains lactose. A high content of lactose can cause constipation and gas when consumed empty stomach.




   1.3 A disturbed metabolic system

With no food in your stomach, tea can cause an imbalance of acids and alkalis in your stomach. It interferes with the regular metabolism of the body and troubles throughout the day.


    1.4 Vomit

Tea has tannin. Tannin is the bitter tangy taste we sense in tea. The more the brewing time, the more the tea is rich in tannin. Tannin can cause headaches, sometimes even a sip of tea on an empty stomach can set you running to the nearest bathroom to vomit.


   1.5 Oral Health

The last side effect of morning tea is related to oral health. A strong boost to our body caffeine is the first thing that causes dizziness along with unpleasant sensations in the mouth. Tea also gradually erodes the enamel of teeth. Bacteria in the mouth breaks down the sugar in tea which ultimately increases the acid levels in the mouth, thus eroding the enamel in teeth.


Why is tea addictive?

  • Your cuppa contains ‘caffeine’ that sets the ‘wake me up’ feeling in you. This chemical stimulates your nervous system.
  • Cons: The altered brain chemistry causes Fatigue, Nausea, and throbbing headaches, surrounding your life over time if you call it quit.

Tip: Try decaffeinated products. Your thirst for flavor will be quenched without the jolt

What to do instead?

To avoid the side effects of morning tea, the following are the things you should follow.

  • Begin with a healthy substitute instead. Start your day with fresh juice or take some solid food before you stretch your hand to that cup of tea. Bananas are also known as an effective way to provide you with the boost you find in tea. You can also kick start your day by having lime water or meth.

  • We pour water and tea leaves and leave it to boil. At this time caffeine is released during the first 2 minutes and after brewing for some time, after around 5 minutes tannin ( the tangy bitter taste of tea) leaches onto the tea leaves. Tannin is the flavor in the tea leaves. Tannin might cause vomit on an empty stomach but is not addictive. Tannin is calming. Throw out the water for the first 2 minutes. This leaves with very little caffeine and mostly tannin.

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