About Us

In this arena of supplements driven world, CalathX aims to shape you in a lot different ways. Generally, people sculpt their bodies by going to the gym followed by intakes of supplements they add in, the practice of which can be good to some extent but beyond that seems to be a question.
However, we are here to break your sweat with Calathics and several ways of body weight exercises that breaks, shakes and makes you. At core, CalathX is a fast-paced journey that is beyond crunches, squats and pulls you’ve been doing till now. Breaking the conventional medium of workout and discovering your true potential is what CalathX aims to do.
So our readers can certainly be assured of getting most valuable content (that too, is backed by Science) in our blog.

The feast doesn’t end here! At our amazing streak of blogs, we will be acquainting you with right kind of nutrition needed for your body, the what’s and what’s not of your intakes, exercises and everything of your good.