Fitness is important, especially when the most exercise we get throughout the day is between our wrists and fingertips.  We have singled out the best 5 fitness apps based on not only their usability but their capability to get you moving and in shape.  to get you motivated, make it entertaining and eat healthier. These workout apps can track that too, right from your smartphone!

Part 1.Top 5 Fitness Apps

1.1 Sworkit

Simply work it

Tired of streaming from video to video and still not finding the perfect fitness routine?Sworkit brings you the best workout videos demonstrated by personal trainers. You can either choose from the standard workouts or personalize them to focus on your target. Try the randomized workouts to surprise your body and not get used to any particular routine.


 1.2  Plant Nanny

Go green (virtually)

Counting the glasses of water seems like a major task to fulfil in any fitness app. This is where Plant Nanny comes in. There are a number of cute plants and pots in the app you can choose from to nourish with your water intake. Rely on this app to remind you to grab your next bottle of water. With each glass, you feed and grow adorable plants. The app is personalised depending on your weight and daily exercise. The healthier you are, the healthier your plants are!


1.3 Wokamon

Gamify your goal

How about a monster walk quest as your fitness tracker? Every step of yours provides energy to your Wokamon pet. Unlock more pets by burning calories and feeding your existing pet. This app also lets you sync your activities with some other popular fitness apps.

Check your daily goals and compete with your friends within the game. Stay fit and turn your sweat into happiness!


 1.4 Charity Miles:

Walk, earn and donate

How about earning money for a charity as you get fit? With Charity Miles the more you walk and run, the more you earn money. The app measures the distance you have covered and allows you to earn money. An inspiring app that makes you move that extra mile. Helping others has never been easier!


 1.5 Fooducate

Know your food better

A healthy lifestyle starts right from your grocery store. Shop healthy with Fooducate as you scan the barcode and decide how healthy your food is. With the knowledge of over 2,50,000 food items, Fooducate serves you as your best shopping mate. Want to instead go the other way around? Enter the category of food and see the count of calorie, fats, fibre, proteins or any other nutrient.


We understand how important storage space is for you and that’s why we have hunded down the 5 best and popular workout apps for you. Stay fit , healthy and happy !

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