We love our morning sleep, yes we do! But we also want to actually show up in our gym or go for that run (we thought we would weeks ago).  Most of us have been piling up on justifications as to otherwise and lose our motivation somewhere down the line.  It’s now time to keep this behind us and start working out.So, here we have these 5 morning workout tips

Why workout in the morning?

  • Working out in the morning gets exercise out of the way before we start creating endless excuses not to workout.
  • Mornings exercises are a healthy and productive way to start your day. The crucial hormones(muscle building hormones) in our body are at their peaks in the morning. Grab the advantage of these naturally circulating hormones in the morning instead of rushing to reach out your gym equipment in the evening when these hormones are as tired as you are.

Part 1. Morning Workout Tips

Not a morning person?We are here to change that with this 5 morning workout tips to get you moving

1.1  Make sleep your number one priority

To wake up feeling rejuvenated, you must make sleep your friend. Not sleeping in or skipping the timely hours of your sleep won’t make you feel good throughout the day. With time, it will be easier for you to wake up to your alarm, feel energized and see yourself as a morning person.


1.2 Plan a motivational workout regime ahead of time

Develop a habit of planning ahead of time to make your mornings workout friendly. Prep your clothes and playlist the night before. Having a plan will motivate you to look forward to your workout regime and accomplishing it. Take one day at a time. You do not need to plan out the entire week’s schedule. That would only make it boring and unrealistic. Mix it up and do not go for iron man workouts every day.


1.3 Find a morning workout buddy

Get yourself a friend who enthusiastically agrees to hit the gym with your or go for a run. Set a goal of meeting the person every morning  to encourage each other to work out and get better results. The workouts turn out to be surprisingly more fun with a friend who boosts and motivates and keeps you on track.


1.4 Figure out the best days for your morning workout

If you are not used to waking up in the morning or do not like the idea of working out every day, it is best to set every alternate day for your morning workout so that you have some sleep recovery. You may as well try experimenting with your workout schedule to figure out which days work best for you.


1.5 Have fun

You can never workout unless you want to. So, why not make it fun and not a compulsion? Turn up to some pump music and dance it off maybe before you start your workout regimeto get your blood pumping.


We hope you push yourself ‘just a little more’ to kickstart your day to make way for positivity, focus and determination in your life while shedding those unwanted kilos.



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