Why is it that some people heal their anxiety disorder by themselves, whilesome don’t?Because the rest of us, create conflicts in our minds by avoiding the realities of life. Our emotions often get the best of us. It is okay to be out of our daily rhythm sometimes. Panicking does not provide us with better options. Missing out on the tiniest bits of our life shouldn’t be a reason to set our heart pounding. We have brought you 4 simple tips as to how to deal with anxiety.

How to Deal with Anxiety

   1.1 Tear off the anxiety label:

People agonized with anxiety disorder go through an emotional time in their life. But more often, some of us take it to be their identity. These labels lower the chances of healing. We use all sort of acronyms for the anxiety symptoms.Try not to hide behind the labels. Feel everything but go ahead and question your emotions logically. Questions lead you to causes and causes lead you to results.


  1.2  Care a little less:

Accept the pain in your life but do not be swayedby with it. Get on with your day and be detached from worries that hardly matter. Detachment teaches us to go on. Care a little less if your friends are having ‘the time of their life’ or if your colleagues are getting that ‘promotion’ which you much deserved. If we care too much, we only stare at our own ditch at the end. By detachment we only mean taking care of our own emotions and not adding more imagination to the suffering we go through in reality.



 1.3   Have a morning routine:

Our mornings often predict the rest of our day. A bad morning = a bad day. Wake up energized! You could start so by working on simple chores such as waking up early, making your bed, making yourself breakfast and taking a shower. Take one day at a time and start afresh each day. Stop feeling as tired as you were when you went to bed the previous night. Once you start your day with a positive vibe, you will lower your anxiety and learn to see the beauty of your life.


 1.4  Turn your obstacles into opportunities:

Think like the Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius! A worthwhile life requires more sacrifices. We have to expose ourselves to difficulties to achieve greatness. It is always better to cultivate a skill to solve our problems rather than reacting to the problems. So, do not let inevitable feelings creep into your heart and life.


In the words of Marcus Aurelius”Today I escaped anxiety. Or no, I discarded it, because it was within me, in my own perceptions — not outside.”

We hope you grow your relationships, energy, productivity and fight anxiety disorder. Everything runs exactly as it should with a few pebbles on the way. Put your negatives thoughts in perspective. Is it really as bad as you think?


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