Bioxyn is a relatively new weight loss supplement in the market. It is prepared with superior ingredients that holds the ability to lose weight. It centers at lowering the users’ appetite, consequently cutting down the amount of food they usually consume. Selling at a price of $33.69, Bioxyn also offers the users which have reached weight loss plateau to curb from the situation.


Part 1. Bioxyn – Composition

The unique composition of 3 ingredients found in this new product is quite an exclusive formula:

  • Saffron: helps in digestion of sugars and fats.
  • Ginger: boosts the fat burning capabilities.
  • Cactus Fiber: prevents the absorptions of fat.


Part 2. How does Bioxyn works?

Bioxyn dietary supplement is a simpler way to lose weight with little efforts. The natural ingredients found in the capsules are used in other remedies for weight loss. The product’s composition is not too rich, only the 3 natural extracts from the plants are aimed to promote rapid weight loss in body.
Bioxyn, prominently aims on decreasing your appetite that restricts the number of calories you can consume at one instance. Lesser the number of calories consumed (on a regular basis), more the weight loss is. Your body is then forced to extract the required energy from the stored fats in your body.

Part 3. Claims – Effects of application

The manufacturer claims that a consumer can certainly reduce weight up to 12 Kg after using Bioxyn for a month. It not only accelerates the metabolism in the body but also helps in getting rid of the cellulites, eventually, reducing the body fat rapidly. Furthermore, they also claim Bioxyn to be free of chemicals and fillers and is a purely natural product.

Results after One month usage:

I went an extra mile ahead to test the effectiveness of this product and here’s what I experienced. Despite the big claims from the manufacturer, the product is not so effective as far as one could expect in the first place. In my opinion, this product is not as effective as the manufacturer claims it to be. Simply because it only made me lose a couple of Kilograms after a month long usage. I mean, I can manage to lose that much weight on my own by going on a strict diet plan, duh!

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