9 Ways in 10 Minutes to Improve Your Health Substantially

When stress takes a toll on us, it hampers our well-being and health. Fortunately, there are cheat codes to lead a healthy lifestyle by engaging ourselves only 10 minutes a day in those activities, we can improve your health. 

Part 1. 9 Ways to improve your health

1. Cook a healthy breakfast to improve your health.

Learning to cook a new breakfast within 10 minutes and eating something healthy every day for 7 days a week is the best way to improve your health substantially. It might take practice for a while, but over time you will get a hold of it and subsequently, you will become a much better chef. If you are a novice, you can start by searching for such recipes on Google and YouTube or start with something simple such as fresh juice and oatmeal.


2. Deep Breathing to improve your health.

Deep breathing is a tool to let go of your stress. Breathe in, hold, and release, all for a count of five while doing so. Make sure to free your mind of anything at all in the process. You will be surprised to see how it instantly calms and cools you down. Slow breathing also helps with the blood pressure.


3.  Exercise

10 minutes of exercise per day is better than none. Your body responds positively and quickly to even a 10-minute workout per day. No doubt, longer sessions of workout provide better results but 10 minutes a day will remind you to get in touch with your body regularly before you start indulging your time into longer workouts.


4. Creative brainstorm

Let the creative ideas flow from your brain for 10 minutes every day. Think hard and pen down such ideas. Even 10 ideas per day is a remarkable way to awaken your creative muscles every day.


5. Listen to music

A tiresome long day drains out all your energy. When you feel tired, all you need to do is ‘nothing’. Give yourself a break from the monotony and refuel yourself by listening to music for 10 minutes a day.


6. Take a power nap


A 10-minute power nap can enhance your focus and productivity. A 10-minute nap can help you with your exhaustion and recharge your brain to have a fresh outlook on your work.


7. Walk

Sitting and working on your computer for the entire day in your office can gradually deteriorate your health. Walking for a brief period, as much as 10 minutes can add more exercise if you are already following the 10-minute exercise regime daily or if you do not exercise at all a 10-minute walk is an alternate way to get you moving.


8. Laugh

Laughter as known to be is the best medicine. It boosts the immune system, helps in decreasing pain, and improves cardiovascular health. Take a break and watch funny shows or clips for 10 minutes daily for a good mood and help manage your stress.


9. Meditate

We are all aware of the benefits of meditation. For busy professionals and those seeking a brief relaxing period, timed meditation is a great option. The effects have been life-changing for those already practicing this.


Self-improvement is not time-consuming. Y taking 10 minutes a day every day we can change our lives for the better.

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