Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a new trend these days in the fitness or bodybuilding world. Soon as the bodybuilding industry gains its importance in our day to day lives, a major drift also came along in the nutrition supplementation that can do miracles to human body, making it ripped and much more muscular. They say, ‘all that glitters is not gold’. True indeed! Along with the blissful side of these supplements, if not consumed with careful measures, there also comes some sort of side effects.

Part 1. What is Human Growth Hormone (HGH) ?

Human Growth Hormone, commonly abbreviated as HGH, is a hormone made in the pituitary gland. It is highly responsible for your growth and cell regeneration in the body. Also, it is important for your brain and key organs in the body. Hence, making it a significant hormone for the development of human body. HGH, though, naturally enhances testosterone which is produced on its own offering several benefits. For example, increased muscle strength, stronger bones, decreased obesity, better mood and sleep or better cognitive functions. HGH only stays active in bloodstream for some minutes when secreted. This makes it sufficient for the liver to convert into growth factors, essentially the insulin-like growth factors (increases anabolic properties).

Part 2. Difference Between HGH (Human Growth Hormone) Gut And Palumboism

HGH Gut:

No doubt, HGH is an important hormone in a human body, but there is a limit to everything! Over dosage of HGH makes the organs rise causing HGH gut, which is observed when the bodybuilders are seen with tremendously inflated belly. They get enlarged tummy which is why HGH is aka syndrome of a pregnant bodybuilder.


Additionally, the sources of HGH or GH Gut can be understood by the following factors:

  • Extended usage of HGH – Growth hormones are consumed by pro bodybuilders roughly a year. But it should be taken 15-30 IUs half a year every day.
  • Consumption of drugs with combination of other ones – HGH is taken along with steroids and insulin rather than consuming it alone by pro bodybuilders. This accompanies the combined effect, which influences internal organs.
  • Consumption of huge amount of food – Those who are professional bodybuilders consume 6-7 thousands of calories each day. This acts as a catalyst in belly inflammation.

Myth and Truth

Myth about HGH Gut = HGH gut is irreversible and the growth hormone in any dosage prompts HGH Gut.
Truth = the paunch comes back to its typical size after the conditions that impact it wind up noticeably. The growth hormone side effect was neither watched nor settled by researchers that studied about the utilization of somatropinne for hostile to maturing treatment.


A medical condition in which the paunch is bloated and appendage muscles are atrophied in the meantime is generally referred as palumboism. This disorder’s abnormal name is set after a well known bodybuilder Dave Palumbo (father of Palumboism). The marvel is extremely uncommon, and its inceptions are obscure yet. Palumboism is believed to be some sort of a hormonal issue brought on by the utilization of HGH in blend with different medications. Be that as it may, it is only a theory in light of the fact that the examination hasn’t demonstrated this speculation yet.


In other words, Palumboism equals HGH Gut and muscle shrinkage.

Myth and Truth

Myth about HGH Gut Palumboism = Palumboism is a common disorder in bodybuilding and is triggered only by insulin, steroids and growth hormone.
Truth = this thought does not have any logical proof. This is because athletes consume almost equal dosages of insulin, steroids and HGH, yet there are just a couple of them who have palumboism.

Part 3. Tips to AVOID HGH (Human Growth Hormone) GUT and PALUMBOISM:

Having food in small proportions is recommended. Going beyond the ideal daily dose of 10 IU and period of 3-5 months is inadvisable. Keep your inner abs muscle physically powerful by doing vacuum exercise. The Crazy Bulk HGH-X2 is one of the safest HGH supplements in the market and is most recommended by professionals. Moreover, if you are supplementing with any supplements, be it steroids or HGH, drink plenty of water each day, 4 liters at least. Furthermore, avoid consumption of alcohol as it may cause adverse effects.

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